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Chocolate Overdose

15 Aug

After two unsuccessful attempts, one because of getting tired after waiting for more than an hour, and second being late the next time assuming the wrong summer hours, I had almost gave up on ever being able to eat the most decadent and rich desserts I’ve had at Demetre’s. Until just yesterday all of a sudden, while planning a dinner, we thought of hitting the place once again.

On a Tuesday evening, the place was packed and we still had to wait a good 15 minutes to be seated. I asked my server to get me the most chocolatey dessert of all. She suggested Tongue Depressor. I would call it Chocolate overdose. Chocolate fudge icecream topped with fudge brownies chunks and chocolate sauce, sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar on top of a fresh, crisp Belgian waffle, fresh whipped cream on side. I was half way in my dessert when I felt I am full upto my throat. Thank heavens that I had already ordered a large cappuccino, which helped my gulp my dessert down. As I was reading someone has rightly mentioned that dont visit this place more than once a year. Or if you do then be prepared for Diabetes, Cholesterol and what not.

The waffle was amazingly crisp and soft at the same time. The ice cream a bitter chocolate flavor on spot, and the brownies were chewy to perfection. I just think that the whipped cream was a bit too much and wasn’t needed as such. Mine got wasted without being touched.

The other sinfully rich dessert was Black Velvet. The same list just with the addition of strawberry sauce which added a further fruity flavor to the other wise pure chocolate taste.

To top it all, when the bill came in I was pleasantly shocked to see ONLY $14 and few cents. I asked the server if she is sure its mine. She in complete confusion took it, read it, told me yes I am, then looked at our plates, checked the bill again and then nodded yes, its not yours.Of course as it was supposed to be way more than that for three dessert platters and a beverage.

Well a great experience…Its perfectly ok to drool….Enjoy!!




Happy birthday Pakistan….

13 Aug

I’m not just bombs, poverty & corruption….
I’m Edhi’s philanthropy; I’m Arfa Karim’s brilliance….
I’m Afridi’s exuberance. I’m Miandad’s sixer…
I’m fastest growing IT industry; I’m ever-expanding middle class….
I have fought dictatorships; I’m 40000 deaths for global peace….
I’m hospitality, I’m epitome of resilience…..
I’m one of the few bravest nation of world.
Yes, I’m Pakistan!