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Direct dil say….

22 Nov
I felt like this some months back, when I was in a limbo, trying to deny a fact, while it remained one. and I just felt it now, right now. As if someone is holding my heart and just crushing it in the palm of their hand.

Life has always been like this…. And I am sure all of us experience it that way…. The first breathe we take, is so uncertain. Would it go on? Would it stop? The first step taken as a toddler, is never certain-one might trip, might fall; still it is taken. The first attempt to run, sit, stand, write, read, laugh, swim, drive, jump, fight, hit, punch, love- the list goes on… The uncertainty continues…so does our voluntary and involuntary actions….Not knowing the results, we see light at the end of the tunnel in our own respective way and we continue this journey, to go on all our lives.

For me, I’ve always seen the glass half-full!! Or say FULL. In the worst of situations, I’ve pulled myself together and hoped for things to get better…And they did!! Exams, work, personal matters, matters of heart-everything! I remember at work when we were about to conduct a workshop and my colleagues would freak out on the low attendance, I would tell them “Ho jaega” (We’ll do it) and they would ask “How can you say that with just a day left?” and I would reply “I don’t know” . And the Sunday morning, my boss would ask, “What did you do?” I didn’t know. I still donot know.

May be its my utmost belief in God, may be the vibes of my positivity attract all the other positive auras, aur may be its just sheer luck, time after time- I don’t know!

All I knew then and all I know now is that if you really want something from the core of your heart, you get it. The path may be difficult, the signs not clear, you might have second thoughts, the time not defined-however if you know what you want and how bad you want it, the key is to just holding on to it and not stepping back, come what may!

For one, I don’t and will never step back from what I desire. God has always been kind. He can’t not fulfill my dream!
“Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”
― Shel Silverstein

You are sleeping….

9 Nov

And when I tell’em I am a hypnotherapist, the first question that pops up is “Can you hypnotize me?”

Well yes I can, but why??

I come across people every day, and regardless of their gender, faith, education and background, all equally fascinated by the mere fact that I hypnotize people for a living. And while they question, I can of course see the visuals going through their minds: a pendulum, a couch, some invisible rays, perhaps some music and a dark room. Kind of how it used to be in ancient times and kind of what we can still find happening in vintage pictures of Mesmer.

As ancient as the method is, so are the myths attached to it. For most hypnotism is just a mode of entertainment where by the hypnotist amuses the audience by pricking needles into the hands of subjects without anesthesia or by turning them into wooden planks-either way using a pendulum to hypnotize!
Yet the fact remains that hypnotism is widely used for curing all types of phobias; from the fear of height to the fear of being alone, the anxiety of exams and the nervousness of a job interview, from quitting smoking to losing weight. Trust me there is a huge list of things people suffer from, which doesn’t even qualify for being published here. And 90 percent of the time, the pendulum is NOT used. Its only words; the right words that leads first into a trance and then the therapeutic procedure. My own pendulum hides happily and snugly in my handbag as a souvenir.

When we spend most of our days in a certain environment, it slowly grows over us. So has Hypnosis grown on me. I remember attending the first workshop of Hypnosis years back, the little details, when I discovered I am a stage 6 subject (Subject for deep Hypnotism); when I witnessed a charming young lady getting rid of her fear of climbing stairs through “Swish Pattern Technique”. When I saw the pain this boy went through while going through Age Regression. So much so as now I talk, walk, eat and even sleep in it.

Since then it had been a never ending journey. I did many intensive courses at the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists, USA, being called “Baby Hypnotist from Pakistan” as one of the youngest hypnotherapists there. Then NLP further improved my understanding of it as to me NLP is a better and more refined version of Hypnosis. Of course I cant ask every young man who comes my way to close his eyes and lie down on the couch. However I can definitely “Meta-model” and get to the reality of his claims. I can definitely tell when one is being fictitious or in simple words lying or when someone is quoting facts.(Though at times all of us want to believe what we want to and not what it really is) Yes Hypnosis and NLP have definitely polished my skills: communication, control, management. 

Every day so many new cases, stories, every one new from the other, generally relationship problems deep rooted in forms of fears and phobias. People desperately trying to look for answers, way outs, solutions. I see studs and hunks crying like babies, dolls bursting with anger, even tweens and kids fighting their own Brutus’. This battle within breaking them apart.

And in all these years, I’ve learnt that “being happy” is a relative term. We all have our own shades of glasses that we put on every day and view the world through them. For some the world is blue, for some yellow, for others red. And so sometimes “being happy” comes in yellow, and other times in green. The key is to find your own color of happiness-what ever it may be!